Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pomsky?

A Pomsky is a crossbreed between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky.

How big will a Pomsky get?

Because this is a fairly new breed, size can vary substantially. As more generations are produced, we will be able to get a better idea of our puppies’ adult weights. For example, as pups both Keisha and Zach, our first female and male, were both charting to be 17 lbs. As adult dogs, Keisha is 21 lbs. while Zach is only 9 lbs.

Do Pomskies shed?

Yes, but with regular brushing, shedding can be minimized. Pomskies have a coat that consists of two layers known as a double coat. Breeds that have a double coat should never be shaved as it can permanently damage their soft undercoat, removing its insulating quality and exposing the dog to harmful UV rays.

What is a Pomsky’s temperament like?

Most Pomskies are highly intelligent, playful, and energetic. They love to play games, learn new tricks, and spend time with their owners. They are generally quite active and enjoy going for walks and playing outside. Temperaments can obviously vary depending on which of the two breeds the puppy takes after. Part of the joy of owning a Pomsky puppy is discovering its truly unique personality traits.

What is the cost of a Pomsky puppy?

Our pups will vary in price from $3500 and up depending on size, coat and eye color and other markings.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes, we currently have a waiting list. We reserve first right to keep any puppy/ies from any litter, but any others will be advertised first to those who are on the waiting list. Once you’ve chosen your perfect puppy, we require a non-refundable deposit of $750. The full amount of the deposit will be taken off the puppy purchase price. Since we are a small breeder it could take six months to a year to get a puppy.

How do I get my name on the waiting list?

To join the waiting list, just fill out the puppy adoption application form. Once approved, you will be added to the waiting list.

Where are you located?

We live in Moose Jaw, a small city in southern Saskatchewan.

Do you ship your puppies?

Given our current restrictions, shipping may be a challenge. Please be aware that the extra costs associated with shipping will be added to the puppy purchase price. We will ship our puppies in cargo only if a direct/non-stop flight can be arranged. We would prefer to meet you at our local airport with the puppy ready to go in a soft-sided carrier so that you can take your puppy home as carry-on.  As another option, if you are unable to come to our local airport, we may be able to make arrangements to accompany your puppy to an airport near you.

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Raven, Zach & Keisha