prairie pomskies pomsky parent saskatchewan canada dog

Prairie Pomskies

Wanting to adopt your new Pomsky puppy?

About Us

We are a semi-retired couple from southern Saskatchewan who has always had dogs as part of our family. In 2019, we got our first Pomsky; it was love at first sight! Pomskies are highly intelligent and undeniably beautiful. Their small-to-medium size, willingness to please, and expressive personalities make them a great addition to any family. Our puppies are raised right in our home with lots of interaction, love and cuddles so that they are very well socialized by the time they are ready for their new fur-ever homes. 

Pomsky Puppies For Sale Saskatchewan Canada
prairie pomskies pomsky parent saskatchewan canada

Arctic Spitz Pomskies

Also known as the Arctic Spitz, Pomskies are a new-to-Canada designer breed, originating from a crossbreeding of a female Siberian Husky with a Pomeranian male. Pomskies size can vary but typically they range from 13-18 inches tall and 15-35 pounds. As the breed develops, size will become more consistent. Our goal is to produce beautiful, well-tempered, healthy puppies with typical Husky markings in a smaller size.

All of our parent dogs are genetically (EMBARK) tested. This DNA test checks for over 180 health conditions to ensure that parent dogs are genetically sound and will produce healthy pups.

We enjoy getting to know our puppies’ adoptive families! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Prairie Pomsky Puppies

We are a small, home-based Canadian breeder. Our parent dogs are all F2 and F3 Pomskies which means that their puppies will retain the plush look of a Husky but typically in a smaller size than the more common F1 Pomskies. This makes our puppies suitable pets for those living in apartments and condominiums as well as other urban and rural settings.

We pride ourselves in providing our parent dogs and their puppies with the best care, including regular vet visits, quality food, exercise, and what all dogs want most: lots of love and affection. We are looking for similar individuals who would commit to one of our “made in Canada”, adorable little puppies. If you are interested in being added to our wait list, please fill out a puppy application form. We look forward to hearing from you!